Online dance music tutoring to accelerate & boost your skills.

Connect and learn from the best music producers to get to where you want to be.
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One to one private music tutoring.

All lessons are delivered on a private and one to one basis, so you get the full attention and most out of every lesson. 
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Tailored production lessons.

Address any pain points or aspirations you may have, with custom lessons that get straight to the point.  You'll be acquiring new skills rapidly.
It was a dream come true being able to connect with a producer that I have looked up to for so many years.  I learnt so much in just a few hours, couldn't be more stoked!

Ben Douglas Pro Producers

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connecting music producers online
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High value and high impact outcomes.

Gone are the days where you need a University degree or formal qualification to get results.  You'll get immense amounts of practical knowledge in no time at a price that you can afford.
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Learn from thought leaders.

Connect with electronic music mentors and thought leaders, and pick their brains to get the exact skills you want, when you want.
The convenience of hooking up with a tutor online, at a time that suites me is unreal.  I love how much can be absorbed in a one on one lesson, much more productive than sitting in a college class.

Matt Smith Castle Towers

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