Audio College vs. Private Tutor: What Are The Differences?

Verve Jun 11, 2016 5:05:11 AM

There are plenty of options out there if you want to improve your music production skills.  Some opt for enrolling in an audio college or institution, while others prefer to work directly with a private tutor.

In this article we take a look at what are the differences of an audio college vs. private tutor.

audio college vs private tutor 

Audio College / Production School:

  • Taught in a group environment, generally with another 10-20 students
  • Longer term time commitment, ranging from 6 months to 4 years
  • Access to existing facilities, including studios and hardware gear
  • Have to travel to a physical location
  • Fixed and non-flexible pricing
  • Ability to graduate with a formal or recognised certification, degree or qualification

Private Tutor:

  • Taught in a one one one or peer to peer situation, dealing directly with a tutor
  • Short to medium term time commitment, ranging from a few hours to a few months
  • Use existing gear and facilities at home or at the tutors location (if in the same city)
  • Ability to connect with tutor from anywhere in the world via internet connection
  • Affordable and flexible pricing 
  • Does not require any prior qualifications
  • Custom made plans that cater for students of all skill levels

As you can see there are quite a lot of differences between learning at an audio college and with a private tutor.  Making a decision should take these factors into consideration, and ultimately what your end goals are and what you want to achieve with the learning and education.


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