What Is The Best Way To Get International Gigs As A DJ: 5 Top Tips

Verve Jun 22, 2016 12:00:28 PM

So you've been playing out in bars and clubs around your city, perhaps a few around the country - but you are wanting more.  You're probably at that point now, when you are thinking: what is the best way to get international gigs as a DJ?

What Is The Best Way To Get International Gigs As A DJ

There are a number of ways to get DJ bookings abroad, some of which can be more effective than others.   We take a look at a few options that can help you get jet setting.

1.  Increase your social media following and fan base by planning out and implementing a social media strategy.

Promoters often look at metrics such as how many likes you have on Facebook, how many followers you have on twitter, and how many fans you have on Soundcloud.

Find out where you fans are spending most of their time by looking at similar artists or DJs and hit those channels constantly with engaging content.  Try curating content from other sources if you can't make it all your own.

2.  Start promoting and putting on gigs in your current city.  Booking other DJs and promoters can help build your international network and forge relationships with contacts who may be able to return the favor when it comes time to you hitting their city.

3.  Send DJ mixes to clubs & promoters that reside in the cities that you are planning on traveling to.  Make sure that you do your research though to ensure that they are putting on gigs with DJs and artists that are in line with your sound.

4.  Launch a targeted outreach campaign using paid social media such as Facebook and Instagram.  Make sure you are very selective about the cities and people you targeting to get your music to the right people, and hopefully create a buzz around your sound that will allow you to get better cut through with promoters.

5.  Start producing your own music.  It is very rare that you find an internationally successful DJ these days who does not make and release music.  

Creating and crafting your own sound essentially gives you a global commodity or product which can be easily distributed around the world.  This exponentially increases your digital footprint and recognition of your brand in parts of the world that you may have never dreamed.

Once you get to a level where you can release a high quality and unique sounding album on a prolific label, your chances of getting booked and touring around the world will increase significantly.

Out of the above options, making your own music would be the most recommended, if you are serious about making a name for yourself and get international gigs as a DJ.  

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